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Safety risks

  • Thorough product overhaul repairs

  • Washing & cleaning of each module before repair

  • Preventive exchange of all components subject to ageing or wear

  • Exchange of all components that are identified as weak points and thus constitute a safety risk for the machine and its operators

  • Exclusive use of new components authorised by the manufacturer or legislator

Safety risks – BVS Industrie-Elektronik

Proven quality instead of improvised risk

As a repair service provider for CNC, PLC and robot automation technology we are often asked to assess damage. During this process, we have repeatedly encountered improper repairs, which are often caused by the use of reproductions of safety-relevant components, such as power packs, transformers and relays. This often results in blatant safety risks that cannot even be counteracted with a repair. If these risks can be resolved then we will complete the repair for you. However, if the safety of the module cannot be restored by a repair and the risk of damage or injury due to previous interventions is too high, we will reject the repair as a matter of principle.

Exclusive use of new components authorised by the manufacturer or legislator during repairs and the use of more than 100 original test stands for all manufacturers ensure that BVS can guarantee the complete fault-free function of the module. By completing simulations under actual conditions and tests with a full load applied, it is also ensured that modules will withstand rigorous daily operation. 
Play it safe and appoint us as your reliable partner, to minimise the risk of another malfunction relating to the operating licence, health and safety and service life of the machine.